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who is two?


The Architectural design and construction process starts when two main actors, the architect and the client, come together.

who is plus?


Qualified design and construction cannot be realized by keeping sectoral actors outside of the process. Everyone that contributes is part of the product. Material companies, workers, authorities from different disciplines are indispensable actors not only for us but also for the architectural process. Collaborations founded on honesty and appreciation excite the qualified results and change the built environment in a beautiful way; and these facts can be observed on quality architecture and quality urban design. Two Plus Architects philosophy is based on a design process that interconnects multiple actors with a modernist approach. The office founded by Tuna Bayram Ekiz in Istanbul is an architectural office that offers services in architectural design, interior design and construction and consultancy, focusing on its “design and build.” motto.

what do two plus architects do ?


Two Plus Architects have completed various scale projects including office, residential, religious building and industrial , orchestrating the process from conceptualizing the design to building them, since its very beginning. Both the design and the construction process of these projects are realised by the team of Two Plus Architects. The projects are turn-key solutions for our clients’ needs and the processes of completing them are fully transparent and accessible by the client throughout the project’s life.

How do two plus architects work?


Our process starts with site visits, measured drawings and discussions with the client to understand what they truly seek. Once these are in place, , the processing of the project starts at Two Plus Architects. During the design process drawings and 3D models are produced by using cutting-edge software. During the construction process, our Office ensures coordination between different workflows ranging from management of construction to due process of law. Project design, construction material procurement, and actual construction is performed by our competent team consistsing of workers, engineers and landscape architects working in a seamless way. When projects are drawn, clients, workers and Two Plus team maintain communication to ensure the desired outcome. At the end of the process, your dream place has become reality by the Two Plus team.

two plus

Two Plus Ekip

Tuna Bayram Ekiz

Architect, Founder

Şule Yıldırım

Interior Architect

Sena Savaş

Interior Architect

Gökçe Han Gökçek

Interior Architect

Kadir Yıldırım

Purchasing Specialist, Project Manager

Enes Ekiz

Civil Engineer, Project Management

Ilgın Yeşim Eldeş

Business Strategy § Communication

Özkan Varol

Web Developer