Adem Can Karaçor Aesthetic Dentistry

Adem Can Karaçor Aesthetic Dentistry

Project Credits

Project Name: Adem Can Karaçor Aesthetic Dentistry

Year: 2021

Place: Fulya, İstanbul

Design Process: 3 Week

Construction Process: 1 Mounth

Client: Adem Can KARAÇOR

In clinical designs, the ground floor is planned to include all polyclinic functions. In this way, the comfort of both employees and visitors is considered. By positioning the reception and waiting area close to the entrance, the vertical circulation and public spaces are in a visual and functional integrity.

While the waiting area of Adem Can Karaçor Aesthetic Dental Clinic is designed, it relaxes the human psychology by using live plants and creating an interior composition with the simplicity of colors.

A waiting room where comfort is considered is designed for the clinic located in Fulya, Şişli, Istanbul. At the same time, patients have the opportunity to choose between browsing books, magazines, watching videos about dental health or getting a coffee from the coffee corner without getting bored during the waiting period.