Nizam Pide Restaurant

Nizam Pide Restaurant

Project Credits

Project Name: Nizam Pide Restaurant

Year: 2017

Place: Istanbul

Design Process: 2 Months

Construction Process: 4 Months

Client: Nizam Pide

Nizam Pide Restaurant is located on Istiklal Street, which is rich in the history of Istanbul. Nizam Pide & Sutlaç Restaurant, one of the well-established restaurants of Istanbul Beyoglu, serving in a historical structure, covers an area of 540 m2. While 280 m2 area is designed as a dining area, other areas are designed as kitchen, service areas, presentation area, warehouse, office, staff locker and dining areas in line with the needs of the restaurant. The main idea of the retaurant design is to bring the restaurant to a new look by considering the volume and original texture of the building in a way that will not damage the historical structure. The plan scheme, facade design and all selected materials were realized in line with this main idea. In the design of the restaurant, the dynamism effect is preserved both in the plan plane and in the third dimension by going out of the standard planning logic for the main dining areas, instead of only one type of table, chair, seat alternatives, by choosing different seating solutions and products of different sizes or different colors of the same product. It was studied. In the facade design of the restaurant, contrary to the dynamism effect, care was taken to preserve the original form of the facade of the historical building and to make all the details and decorations of the building visible.