Avcılar Startup Cafe

Avcılar Startup Cafe

Project Description

Project Name: Avcılar Startup Kafe

Year: 2017

Place: Avcılar, İstanbul

Design Process: 1 Ay

Construction Process: 4 Ay

Client: Mosab Mas

Kafe is located in Istanbul’s Avcılar district, which has been developing in every sense in recent years. These days, when we encounter designs with different concepts, examples of start up designs are seen everywhere. Cafe concept design in Avcılar is one of them. The culture of start up has become widespread in recent years when the ways of working and starting a business have changed and it has required its own spatial solution. The time and preferences of the young people who start a business concept of start up cafe in Avcılar are at the center of the concept design. With the choice of contrasting colors and materials, an atmosphere of industrial space is created inside.