Hospitacar Oto Expertise

Hospitacar Oto Expertise

Project Credits

Project Name: Hospitacar Oto Expertise

Year 2015

Place: Istanbul

Design Process: 1 Months

Construction Process: 1 Months

Client: K.Y.

Hospitacar Oto Expertise is a corporate architectural project located in the Bahçelievler district of Istanbul. Considering the functional needs of the brand, a spatial solution proposal was brought forward, and a guideline was created for the corporate spaces opened and / or opened by the brand. Thanks to this guide, Hospitacar Auto Appraisals can be opened in different places and scales. In the space, black and red, which are the corporate colors of the brand, are used. The link between corporate identity and corporate architecture has been strengthened in this way. As a corporate architectural project, Hospitacar Oto Ekspertiz has become a project that will attract attention with its corporate architecture among the new generation oxertizers.