O.U. House

O.U. House

Project Credits

Project Name: O.U. House

Year: 2020

Place: Istanbul

Design Process: 1 Month

Construction Process: 3 weeks

Client: O.U.

O.U house is a modern residential design located in the developing district of Istanbul, Basaksehir. During the design process, the user’s demands were taken into consideration. The user dreamed of a black concept housing project and was designed in this way by the office. The black color in the house was broken by the neon lights on the ceiling, and the color and light balance was achieved in this way. O: U house, which is a 1 + 1 studio apartment, is a modern young house design that meets all the needs of the user. The house, which is the spatial equivalent of the user’s original character, is among the residential projects as an original modern house project.