Silka Showroom

Silka Showroom


Project Name: Silka Showroom

Year: 2021

Place: Ikitelli/Istanbul

Design Process: 3 Weeks

Construction Process: 4 Mounth

Client: Hasan SİL

Silka showroom decoration design project is located in Masko, one of the two largest known shopping complexes in Istanbul. It generally consists of 300 m2. Shoroom is two storeys high and dozens of closet covers are on display.The main purpose of the project of showroom decoration is to eliminate the mediocrity of cabinet doors and show that it is purely craft work. After logging in to the venue, we are greeted by two counters and information areas. a contemporary furniture showroom design was carried out by adopting the current location, environmental conditions and purpose of use of the building as a basic principle.

Furniture showroom designs are the ultimate showcase and physical point of contact between brand and customer. It reaches out to them physically and emotionally and embraces them, but it is also a great opportunity to talk directly to customers. Showroom decoration has the same importance as the materials in the colors used in its design.