Şükran Drugstore

Şükran Drugstore

Project Credits

Project Name: Şükran Drugstore

Year: 2021

Place: Bağcılar, Istanbul

Design Process: 2 Weeks

Construction Process: –

Creating a hygienic and technological effect in line with the concept determined in modern pharmacy designs should be the primary goal. It is aimed that all the functions required in the planning of the space are in harmony with each other according to the circulation program.

Modern pharmacy designs should include professional layout planning, proper arrangements of each unit within the store, including shelving furniture, counters, wall display fixtures, storage drawers, lighting and storefront signage. Choosing the right furniture style is also very important in pharmacy interior design; a small pharmacy design should focus more on display, while a large pharmacy should keep customer experience in mind.

Colors and lighting play a huge role in transforming any space into an elaborate, sophisticated and attractive space. Lighting elements are used to highlight certain products and add value to the overall interior design. LED lighting is used in places to highlight certain items that add to the overall appeal of the store. In general, a visually attractive space has been created with a balanced use of color and light. Predominantly, warm material selections and light color tones are dominant, which will positively affect the patient’s psychology. White refers to cleanliness, wood and green wall plants refer to nature.

With these aspects, Şükran Pharmacy, located in Bağcılar, has taken its place among its original clinical designs with its fiction and spatial solution that focuses on patient psychology.