Yelken Hotel

Yelken Hotel

Project Credits

Project Name: Yelken Hotel

Year: 2019

Place: Balıkesir

Design Process: 5 Months

Construction 16 Months

Client: R.A.K

Located in Avsa Island of Balıkesir, Yelken Hotel is located on the parcel surrounded by the Marmara Sea on three sides of the island. The hotel, which has a construction area of 650 m², has 14 rooms and in addition to all the places included in the needs program of a hotel and services are provided here. Windows were opened on all facades of the hotel. The Yelken Hotel can be protected from the direct rays coming from the sun, and sun breakers are placed on the facade. In addition to this functional function, solar shades have added movement to the facade as a facade element and provided an aesthetic perception in hotels from the outside. While Yelken Hotel provides convenience to the management team, the necessary use for the design of the hotel suitable for its function, creates a pleasant environment for its guests with its modern appearance and air.